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Gliding over all: the cinematography of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad may have been gone for a few weeks now, but stumbling on this wonderful video essay really drives home how much DP Michael Slovis had influence over the show’s look. It’s illuminating to see a video essay with the original soundtrack removed like we see here; you’re left with nothing but the images and your memories of the original episodes.

‘I Am Street Fighter’

Capcom just released this documentary free on YouTube. It’s gotten a lot of praise online with its extremely high production values (as expected from the production studio Area 5.) Anyone who’s into gaming, especially Street Fighter fans, should watch this.

E3 2013: the longest day

If you love gaming and follow gaming news online, you probably already know about the Giant Bomb crew’s amazing skill as critics, writers, and podcast hosts. But if you don’t, or even are vaguely into games but dig well edited videos, the work Giant Bomb’s Vinny and Drew put into this one is staggering. One hour of top notch analysis, funny asides, great editing and lots of behind the scenes footage.

HTML5: is it good for your battery?

Well researched analysis over at Ph. D student Yossi Oren’s blog which compares the physical battery drain of running HTML5 video versus Flash. The post recently ranked high on Hacker News and deservedly so; the graph shows a remarkable difference between the two video delivery methods.

Paul Irish on web application development workflow

An hour long talk by Google web developer and evangelist Paul Irish at a recent HTML5 developer conference. Some great tools and ideas here, from shell customization to SSH and Chrome DevTools tricks.

Chris Coyier: a modern web designer’s workflow

I’ve got a lot of respect for web designer Chris Coyier. His Css Tricks is pretty much the definitive resource I head to when looking up CSS techniques. That’s when, via a pretty random Google search, I came upon this talk he gave late last year. Really great advice here, from development setup to deployment strategy. Chris is a entertaining speaker as well; you won’t get bored.

GDC 2013: after hours livestream spectacular

This extended chat over at the Giant Bomb headquarters post wrap up of the Game Developers Conference was really fun to watch. You get expected appearances from the GB crew (Patrick Klepick, Jeff Gerstmann) and lots of game industry veterans (Phil Fish of Fez, Robert Ashley). It’s a good balance between random humor and some actual serious discussion on game design and music.

The art of Steadicam

Really gorgeous ten minute supercut of some of the best Steadicam shots over the past forty years. As expected, Scorcese and Kubrick films are well represented here.

Analysis of ‘Blade Runner’

If you’ve got twelve minutes and dig science fiction films, watch this Vimeo video essay by Steven Benedict. It jumps around in its coverage, but on a surface level it illustrates why Blade Runner still holds up as one of my favorite films.

Giant Bomb: game of the year day 2 recap

Gaming site Giant Bomb has always distinguished itself with stellar video work, but they have outdone themselves with their game of the year recap videos. Their TV spoofs, especially their dead on 60 Minutes send up (“reporter” Brad Shoemaker has the vocal cadence down cold) linked here, just kills.