Archive: March, 2015

Birdman: Following Riggan’s orders

A very thorough breakdown of Iñárritu’s recent best picture winner at the Oscars; it’s structure, Steadicam continuity and the long take. Overall I walk away from the piece having more respect for the film than when I actually saw it (a technical and acting masterpiece saddled with some poor screenplay choices.)


A simple web tool to create linear CSS-based gradients. It’s fast and just as effective (if not more) as almost any desktop graphical tool. Just enter a base and shift a few sliders.


A small collection of Sass mixins, helpers, and functions for common styling on elements. Many if not most I probably wouldn’t use, but a few here, like clearfix, a pseudo triangle, and centering with transforms I rely on all the time for my day job. Worth a look.