Projects that I've been proud to be involved in.

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  • Position Engineering Manager, May 2022 - Present
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / Python
  • Focus Manages a front end leading team building features around Trello's onboarding experience to drive long term customer growth and retention.
  • Visit trello.com


  • Position Engineering Manager, December 2020 - May 2022
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / Python
  • Focus Managed a full stack team across U.S. and Canada that owned rewards, coupons, and offers related e-commerce functionality for Instacart's white label customers, including Costco, Loblaws, and other regional grocers.
  •   Led a multi month cross functional team effort to market, promote, and convert customers onto the Instacart Express service, generating millions in revenue over 2022. Guided front end technical initiatives to create new React components and generate reusable, rules based logic to power marketing initiatives. Project managed designers and engineers and weighed tradeoffs to meet deadlines.
  •   Spearheaded modernization effort among rewards related UI on white label clients. This included a long term migration plan from Angular 1.0 to React and standardization of most used components into an enterprise wide UI design system in collaboration with design.
  • Visit instacart.com


  • Position Engineering Manager, August 2017 - October 2020
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / Ember.js
  • Focus Managed a platform team across San Francisco, NYC, and Atlanta that oversees Dashboard, Square’s flagship web app for millions of merchants.
  •   Oversaw several widescale engineering initiatives, including a new component-based UI design system, a redesign of Dashboard’s navigation, and performance improvements. All span multiple quarters, involve at its peak ten engineers internal to the team, along with coordination across design and product stakeholders.
  •   Helped architect a multi-year technical vision and roadmap for Dashboard as a long term platform for Square merchants and the hundreds of engineers that contribute to its codebase.
  • Position Senior UI Engineer, October 2015 - August 2017
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / Ember.js / UX design
  • Focus Senior developer and designer on Square's flagship web app for sellers and merchants.
  •   Collaborated across multiple teams to build UI patterns and visual interfaces.
  • Visit squareup.com

Parsons School of Design

  • Position Instructor, August 2017 - September 2018
  • Tech UX design / HTML / CSS
  • Focus Taught week long Skills Intensive (45 hours) for graduate students in Communication Design on Sketch and basic web development.
  •   Generated curriculum, course materials, and exercises.
  • Visit newschool.edu/parsons


  • Position Web Platform Lead, April 2013 - October 2015
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / PHP / UX design
  • Focus Oversaw development and design initiatives on Pocket’s popular “save for later” web app, extensions, and marketing web site.
  •   Lead features in HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
  •   Assisted other developers on web performance, designers on style guides, UX wireframing in Sketch, and rapid browser and Framer-based prototypes.
  •   Rebuilt most of Pocket’s front end code from scratch based on a responsive grid foundation and progressive, module-based CSS.
  • Visit getpocket.com

General Assembly

  • Position Instructor, September 2012 - September 2014
  • Tech HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery
  • Focus Taught day-long responsive web design workshop. Designed the curriculum, exercises, and training materials.
  •   Taught ten week (100+ hours of instruction) front end web development course aimed at future developers, entrepreneurs and designers.
  • Visit generalassemb.ly


  • Position Senior Front End Engineer, February 2012 - April 2013
  • Tech UX design / CSS / HTML / JavaScript (jQuery) / Ruby on Rails
  • Focus Oversaw and managed site wide CSS and HTML on animoto.com.
  •   Collaborated with junior developers and designers for a consistent, modern CSS and HTML5 experience.
  •   Lead developer on a half year long site wide redesign and rebranding project, instigating a module based (SMACSS) CSS reorganization and a responsive web design framework.
  •   Lead development projects with marketing and video engine teams.
  • Visit animoto.com

Box Studios

  • Position Lead Front End Designer/Developer, February 2011 - August 2011
  • Tech UX design / JavaScript (JQuery) / CSS3 / HTML / Python
  • Focus User experience lead and front end technical supervisor for in-house production applications and client-facing web sites.
  •   Provided wireframes, prototypes and design direction for other developers and graphic design teams.
  •   Developed in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for state of the art, web based asset management software.
  • Visit boxstudios.com


  • Position Senior Creative Technologist, 2007 - 2011
  • Tech UX design / JavaScript (JQuery) / CSS / HTML5 / iPad design & development / Ruby on Rails
  • Focus Technical and creative/user experience lead, responsible for overseeing all design and front end development for gucci.com.
  •   Generated wireframes, style guides and coding guidelines for both internal staff and external agencies.
  •   Developed the majority of gucci.com's branding and e-commerce content in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  •   Led year long technical redesign of gucci.com.
  • Visit gucci.com

Goldman Sachs

  • Position Software Analyst, 2002 - 2006
  • Tech Java / JavaScript / Sybase SQL / UX Application Design
  • Focus Head developer/manager of trading software used by hundreds worldwide
  •   Designed/streamlined software UI via long term international projects
  • Visit gs.com
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Side Projects

News Funnel

  • Tech HTML5 / CSS3 / JS / PHP
  • Focus A simple responsive web app to access two popular design and technology sources.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/newsfunnel

Blue Drop

  • Tech HTML / CSS / JQuery / Forecast.io API
  • Focus A responsive web app that presents the weather at your location in an icon-rich, minimal interface. Touch devices get additional swipe gestures via jQuery.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/weather


  • Tech HTML / CSS / JQuery / Spotify API / Echonest API
  • Focus A powerful playlist, album and song search engine for Spotify powered by Echonest.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/echospot

A Shot Apart

  • Position Web Designer/Photographer, 2006 - 2011
  • Tech HTML / JavaScript / CSS / Wordpress / Perl
  • Focus A NYC based photoblog with a focus on street photography and night landscapes
  • Visit ashotapart.com

Bare Tumblr

  • Tech HTML / CSS / JQuery / Spotify API / Echonest API
  • Focus A powerful playlist, album and song search engine for Spotify powered by Echonest.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/projects/baretumblr


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