Projects that I've been proud to be involved in.

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  • Position Engineering Manager, August 2017 - Present
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / Ember.js
  • Focus Manages a platform team across San Francisco, NYC, and Atlanta that oversees Dashboard, Square’s flagship web app for millions of merchants.
  •   Oversees several widescale engineering initiatives, including a new component-based UI design system, a redesign of Dashboard’s navigation, and performance improvements. All span multiple quarters, involve at its peak ten engineers internal to the team, along with coordination across design and product stakeholders.
  •   Helps architect a multi-year technical vision and roadmap for Dashboard as a long term platform for Square merchants and the hundreds of engineers that contribute to its codebase.
  • Position Senior UI Engineer, October 2015 - August 2017
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / Ember.js / UX design
  • Focus Senior developer and designer on Square's flagship web app for sellers and merchants.
  •   Collaborated across multiple teams to build UI patterns and visual interfaces.
  • Visit squareup.com

Parsons School of Design

  • Position Instructor, August 2017 - September 2018
  • Tech UX design / HTML / CSS
  • Focus Taught week long Skills Intensive (45 hours) for graduate students in Communication Design on Sketch and basic web development.
  •   Generated curriculum, course materials, and exercises.
  • Visit newschool.edu/parsons


  • Position Web Platform Lead, April 2013 - October 2015
  • Tech HTML / CSS / Sass / JavaScript / PHP / UX design
  • Focus Oversaw development and design initiatives on Pocket’s popular “save for later” web app, extensions, and marketing web site.
  •   Lead features in HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
  •   Assisted other developers on web performance, designers on style guides, UX wireframing in Sketch, and rapid browser and Framer-based prototypes.
  •   Rebuilt most of Pocket’s front end code from scratch based on a responsive grid foundation and progressive, module-based CSS.
  • Visit getpocket.com

General Assembly

  • Position Instructor, September 2012 - September 2014
  • Tech HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery
  • Focus Taught day-long responsive web design workshop. Designed the curriculum, exercises, and training materials.
  •   Taught ten week (100+ hours of instruction) front end web development course aimed at future developers, entrepreneurs and designers.
  • Visit generalassemb.ly


  • Position Senior Front End Engineer, February 2012 - April 2013
  • Tech UX design / CSS / HTML / JavaScript (jQuery) / Ruby on Rails
  • Focus Oversaw and managed site wide CSS and HTML on animoto.com.
  •   Collaborated with junior developers and designers for a consistent, modern CSS and HTML5 experience.
  •   Lead developer on a half year long site wide redesign and rebranding project, instigating a module based (SMACSS) CSS reorganization and a responsive web design framework.
  •   Lead development projects with marketing and video engine teams.
  • Visit animoto.com

Box Studios

  • Position Lead Front End Designer/Developer, February 2011 - August 2011
  • Tech UX design / JavaScript (JQuery) / CSS3 / HTML / Python
  • Focus User experience lead and front end technical supervisor for in-house production applications and client-facing web sites.
  •   Provided wireframes, prototypes and design direction for other developers and graphic design teams.
  •   Developed in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for state of the art, web based asset management software.
  • Visit boxstudios.com


  • Position Senior Creative Technologist, 2007 - 2011
  • Tech UX design / JavaScript (JQuery) / CSS / HTML5 / iPad design & development / Ruby on Rails
  • Focus Technical and creative/user experience lead, responsible for overseeing all design and front end development for gucci.com.
  •   Generated wireframes, style guides and coding guidelines for both internal staff and external agencies.
  •   Developed the majority of gucci.com's branding and e-commerce content in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  •   Led year long technical redesign of gucci.com.
  • Visit gucci.com

Goldman Sachs

  • Position Software Analyst, 2002 - 2006
  • Tech Java / JavaScript / Sybase SQL / UX Application Design
  • Focus Head developer/manager of trading software used by hundreds worldwide
  •   Designed/streamlined software UI via long term international projects
  • Visit gs.com
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Side Projects

News Funnel

  • Tech HTML5 / CSS3 / JS / PHP
  • Focus A simple responsive web app to access two popular design and technology sources.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/newsfunnel

Blue Drop

  • Tech HTML / CSS / JQuery / Forecast.io API
  • Focus A responsive web app that presents the weather at your location in an icon-rich, minimal interface. Touch devices get additional swipe gestures via jQuery.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/weather


  • Tech HTML / CSS / JQuery / Spotify API / Echonest API
  • Focus A powerful playlist, album and song search engine for Spotify powered by Echonest.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/echospot

A Shot Apart

  • Position Web Designer/Photographer, 2006 - 2011
  • Tech HTML / JavaScript / CSS / Wordpress / Perl
  • Focus A NYC based photoblog with a focus on street photography and night landscapes
  • Visit ashotapart.com

Bare Tumblr

  • Tech HTML / CSS / JQuery / Spotify API / Echonest API
  • Focus A powerful playlist, album and song search engine for Spotify powered by Echonest.
  • Visit nickschaden.com/projects/baretumblr


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