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BYOT episode 5

Mobile gaming on devices like the iPad and iPhone will (or already has?) supplanted consoles as the flagship, mainstream gaming device going forward. That’s what makes this podcast episode of BYOT (Bring Your Own Topic) so interesting. The very knowledgable Dan Hsu sits down with Andy Yang and Gabe Leydon, two experts in the mobile gaming sphere. Lots of talk about monetization, free to play and more.

Battleship Pretension: Tony Scott

Great back and forth between BP hosts Tyler, David and guest Scott Nye on the filmography and impact of Tony Scott on modern studio filmmaking. It’s long at two and a half hours but well worth it, especially for some of the insights on Top Gun and Man on Fire, two Scott highlights.

The Nerdist podcast: Tom Hanks

Listening to this fun episode only confirmed what I’ve been ranting about for years: why doesn’t Hanks just make another flat out comedy? Post Oscars he strikes me as a funny guy who’s been trapped in serious work for at least the last decade.

Dean Norris on playing good in ‘Breaking Bad’

Speaking of Breaking Bad’s Hank Schrader, check out this 40 minute interview with actor Dean Norris on a recent episode of NPR’s Fresh Air. Excellent and revealing. (As a warning, there are some pretty **major spoilers** for the whole Breaking Bad series very early into the interview.)

Battleship Pretension, episode 280: Christopher Nolan

I had fun listening to hosts Tyler and David run through Nolan’s entire career. Look for some solid insights into the generally overlooked Insomnia and plenty of rants that pit the three Batman films against each other.

Violence and sexism in E3 trailers

E3 discussion continues on the 6/12 edition of the Giant Bomb podcast. Skip to the one hour mark for some thoughtful criticism of several big game press trailers: The Last of Us, Tomb Raider and more.

The Vergecast, episode 32

Tech news moves fast but some discussion topics are timeless. Copyright and digital ownership is one of them and the Vergecast podcast covered it in depth on their episode two weeks ago. I really enjoyed listening to hosts Josh Topolsky and Nilay Patel break down where the movie, TV and music industry have to move to stay competitive. It’s all clustered at the beginning of the episode through roughly the first half hour.

Hypercritical #71: Bristling with controls

There was some excellent gaming analysis on the latest Hypercritical episode. Host John Siracusa breaks down the E3 pressers and how Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are positioned for future competition. Pay special attention to the last 20 minutes where the hosts discuss how Apple fits into all of this. (Spoiler: it’s console gaming’s biggest threat by far.)

Battleship Pretension: film scores

I’ve already plugged the excellent film podcast Battleship Pretension enough here, but this week’s episode was awesome. It’s all about film scores with deep analysis and extended audio clips.

Battleship Pretension on Youtube

I started listening to the excellent Battleship Pretension film podcast a few months ago. Hosts Tyler Smith and David Bax are really solid and go deep on movies in a way I rarely see elsewhere. They’ve now expanded their reach to videos as well over at Youtube. Nice discussion topics here averaging no more than ten minutes along with good production values.