Archive: November, 2009

Color Inspiration from Fine Art Masters

palettefineart_monetClaude Monet, Haystacks (Effect of Snow and Sun), 1891
courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art

Color can be one of the most important creative decisions made in any web design. Whether it’s in the setting of a more sedate and controlled corporate branding, or wild and vibrant smaller sites, a shrewd and unique color palette can set apart great sites from the merely good. In this article, I examine how the masterworks of fine art can give us the inspiration behind a killer color combination.

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Grid Based Web Design Works


Grid based design has been taking the web design world by storm. As evidenced from the sheer amount of resources and conferences with big name designers extolling its benefits in the past year, it may be reaching its zenith of influence. I’ve become a firm believer in a grid based approach to web design, and it’s my hope that with the opinions and resources I’ve compiled below, you will be too.

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A New Beginning

Welcome to a much more refined version of What originally was little more than a simplified web based resume I’ve decided to grow into something significantly larger.
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