Clever, streamlined note taking app from Agile Tortoise. Its speed is really slick; I’m able to write a quick note almost as fast as I tap the icon, and it’s exportability to Markdown really comes in handy for WordPress on the go. With a single action I can easily fire off a message as a tweet in Tweetbot, a nice touch.

Nevertheless, a lack of Dropbox integration is pretty much a deal breaker for me at this point. I can manually copy clipboard contents over to Notesy, but it’s cumbersome and it largely defeats the speed benefit this app has over others. I really liked Ben Brooks’ suggestion on an integration path:

I want Drafts to have a button that I can send the .txt file for the Draft to a folder in my Dropbox. Not every note needs to go there, but I want to be able to send one if needed.

If Drafts gains Dropbox functionality in a later version, I’d probably give it another shot. Then again, my workflow is far more Dropbox centric than probably most. It’s well worth a look for almost anyone else, especially at its very reasonable $0.99 price.