Slant Magazine’s review of ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’

Yeah, Dragon Tattoo reviews aren’t exactly timely. But Matt Zeitz on Twitter recently brought to my attention late an excellent review from Slant Magazine I must have missed. Slant writer Ed Gonzalez has some astute observations of director David Fincher’s style:

Fincher is a meticulous, albeit chilly, observer of procedure, and the film derives much of its momentum from Mikael’s sleuthing into the lives of the Vangers and Lisbeth’s high-tech hacking, which passes the smell test more easily here than it did in Arden Oplev’s version, and from the elegance with which their storylines are paralleled…The film’s elegant moroseness, like the propulsive, sometimes discordant, volume of Reznor and Ross’s experimental score, seems intended to distract us from the fact that these two characters are banal stock types.