Three takeaways from today’s WWDC keynote

John Gruber on the new “next-generation” MacBook Pro:

The catch is that it’s expensive. That’s why it debuted alongside a brand-new update to the 15-inch non-retina MacBook Pro, rather than replacing it…surely we’re going to see displays of this caliber roll out across the MacBook line, one by one, as soon as it becomes economically feasible.

Best to compare it to the original MacBook Air from 2008. The first Air was expensive and not for everyone, but it showed the future of Apple’s (and, really, the industry’s) portables. That’s what the new 15-inch MacBook Pro is: the future of portable Macs.

I have decidedly mixed feelings on Gruber’s usual opinions but he really hits it dead on regarding the new high-end Macbook Pro. I’d predict by next year’s WWDC retina display tech will reach the Macbook Airs.