GTD sucks for creative work. Here’s an alternative system.

CEO Dave Lee on productivity system Getting Things Done (GTD):

Though I still appreciate some of GTD’s principles (next action, desired outcome as project, brain dumping, etc), I think the system can actually work against the creative innovator. It boggles down the innovator with a flood of tasks, when the innovator needs space and room for experimentation and discovery.

Dave’s argument has grown on me recently. I’ve been a hard core Omnifocus GTD user for over a year, but at some point I started to lose it in terms of all the options, settings, and perspectives Omnifocus offered. It just felt like overkill. So several weeks ago I just deleted Omnifocus everywhere and shifted my workflow to a bunch of flat lists. I now use TaskAgent, Cheddar and Due to handle my productivity workflow. So far, so good.