AnandTech Google Nexus 7 mini review

At least on a hardware level, this is pretty crazy stuff. Quoting from the review on its build quality:

The Nexus 7’s construction is downright impressive. While I haven’t been doing regular tablet reviews (that has become Anand’s domain largely), I have handled a number of recent tablets big and small, and some feel downright cheap to me thanks to the back plastic. I would not have guessed that the Nexus 7 is a $199 device based on how it feels. There’s no flex or creaking at all, it feels absolutely rigid.

and on the display:

ASUS notes that the panel is an LED backlit IPS panel with 10 point multitouch and 400 nits maximum brightness. Resolution is of course WXGA (1280 x 800) at 7″. If you do the math out, that’s a pretty high PPI, and in person it looks great – I can’t see pixels unless I look very closely.

Speed tests on the browser benchmark are very impressive, occasionally even beating the iPad 3rd gen.