On ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Warning, spoilers below for TDNR:

I’ve read way too many reviews and breakdowns of the final entry in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but Matt Rorie’s – former head writer at Screened.com – was one of the funniest and most astute with regard to the film’s many plot holes. A few real zingers:

“Hey, I know that we only have hours to stop Bane and find the bomb, but I took a while to rappel off this bridge and paint a big Batman sign with gasoline on it. Because of hope and stuff. Oh, and that thin ice that has been the death of everyone who’s been exiled from the city? Why don’t you go ahead and set that on fire while we’re all standing on it.”


Why do people have guns if no one ever wishes to shoot them? The entire film is filled with people with perfectly fine firearms who instead choose to run at each other and use said guns as blunt instruments. I mean, the entire police force is armed and ready to take on Bane’s army…and then they just rush them and get into a fistfight?