Why Google Chrome on iOS stands a chance

The Cleartrip author makes some excellent points about Chrome for iOS, most notably this:

The mobile browser is redundant. Being able to change your default browser would’ve certainly been in Chrome’s favour but does Chrome even need to worry about that? Tons of mobile web traffic is generated by Twitter and Facebook — which means that it is rendered within the respective webviews of those apps. When was the last time you launched a browser to read an article that someone shared on your timeline. So in a sense, UIWebviews, Chrome’s great weakness may just work in their favour.

It is true how often I end up pulling up a UIWebview in apps like Instapaper or Pulp.

I’ve given Chrome for iOS a heavy run and like a lot of what it has to offer, most notably tab syncing and opening tabs in the background. But because Chrome can’t be set as my default browser, I suspect within a week I’ll be back to Mobile Safari full time.