Spike Lee, the Vulture interview

Spike Lee, talking to Vulture’s Will Leitch on the recent popularity of Tyler Perry movies:

SL: I would not call it a syndrome. Thing is, those box-office numbers prove there is an audience for those films. Yet, at the same time, I think there is an audience that would like to see something else. At this moment, those other films have to be made outside the Hollywood studio system. This comes down to the gatekeepers, and I do not think there is going to be any substantial movement until people of color get into those gatekeeper positions of people who have a green-light vote…When I first started making films and I would have Hollywood meetings—and I know this for a fact—they would bring black people out of the mailroom to be in the meeting.

WL: That doesn’t still happen, does it?

SL: I do not know. But I will say the best chance of me meeting somebody of color is the brother man at the gate who is checking to see if I am on the list.

Great, revealing interview with a director who generally has a less than ideal relationship with the press.