Matt Seitz recaps the big ‘Breaking Bad’ moments

Seitz, as mentioned here before, is one of my favorite TV and film writers. He takes a bit of a departure with this week’s Breaking Bad episode recap, focusing more on the big picture and where the series is heading.

More than anything else, I loved this observation (major series spoilers ahead):

Walt’s actions in season two sparked a rampage by the Cousins that ultimately landed Walt’s brother-in-law Hank in a wheelchair and turned Hank’s wife Marie into his stressed-out nursemaid. And yet, perverse as it may sound, Hank’s journey is ultimately an example of positive change coming from trauma…He’s more observant, a better listener, and seems to have lost most of his arrogance. He’s smoother. He has gravitas.

This, more than anything else, makes me think it’ll ultimately be Hank who catches or trips up Walt: There’s an odd but pleasing symmetry to their stories.