Burberry designs flagship London shop to resemble its website

Jess Cartner-Morley, writing for The Guardian:

Remodelling the grand structure into a bricks-and-mortar version of a website is a clear statement to the world that, for Burberry, digital now comes first.

Christopher Bailey, the firm’s chief creative officer, said: “We designed it like that because when you’re shopping at home online, you are on the sofa with your credit card. You don’t stand up and queue.”…

For Bailey, the primacy of the digital experience is self-evident. “I find it weird that anyone would find it weird [digital-first thinking].

“Most of us are very digital in our daily lives now. Burberry is a young team and this is instinctive to us. To the younger generation who are coming into adulthood now, this is all they know.”

Hats off to Burberry for getting the message loud and clear. It’s still shocking that so many high end labels refuse to put their stock online or have such a poor branding experience on their respective websites. There’s an amazing opportunity with this market, both for web designers and developers.