The making of ‘Pulp Fiction’

Very engrossing, well done retelling of how Tarantino’s breakthrough film was made, written by Mark Seal over at Vanity Fair. Take for instance, how they secured John Travolta for a starring role:

So, when he was told that Tarantino wanted to meet with him, he went to the director’s address, on Crescent Heights Boulevard.

Tarantino recalls, “I open the door, and he says, ‘O.K., let me describe your apartment to you. Your bathroom has this kind of tile, and da-da-da-da. The reason I know this is, this is the apartment that I lived in when I first moved to Hollywood. This is the apartment I got Welcome Back, Kotter in [the TV series that made him a star].’ ”

They talked until sunrise. Tarantino told him he had two films in mind for him. “A vampire movie called From Dusk Till Dawn and Pulp Fiction,” says Travolta, who replied, “I’m not a vampire person.”