Random roles: Tom Sizemore

Sizemore had a huge presence as a smaller character actor in the 90s, often as a someone with rough edges (see also Michael Madsen.) It was a bummer to see the actor go through such a messy life in the last decade, but in a way that’s what makes this A.V. Club interview so revealing. I really liked this passage talking about his relationships kept up from his time in Saving Private Ryan and Heat:

All those guys were great, especially De Niro and Hanks, who I got really close to, and Mann. They never deserted me. When I was going through my difficult times they never were far away. They’d call me and check on me. And when something happens to you, when something bad happens to you, you find out who your friends are. Those guys are my friends. They were my friends when I wasn’t doing well, and I’m happy to report that they’re my friends today.

You can be cynical and argue it’s Hollywood name dropping, but I think he’s genuine. Besides, the guy has a point regarding down times.