Remembering Ryan Davis

Ryan Aston, The House Next Door:

Davis took over the hosting reins at GameSpot after Rich Gallop left and Gerstmann was fired, and immediately slotted into the same role at Giant Bomb. He jovially hosted the Bombcast and all of their live shows, including their panels at conventions like PAX. An incredibly funny and welcoming individual, he was just as friendly as he was amusingly insulting, but he was never disrespectful and his words never corrosive or venomous. His laugh was booming and infectious. He was an easygoing individual universally described as fun to be around. As awkward as he was at being recognized in public, he remained approachable and affable, showing fans the same love he received in return. Browsing the literal tens of thousands of comments following this sad news, it’s borderline impossible to find anyone with a bad word to say about him.

I’ve taken a while before I’ve made any mention of Ryan here after his passing almost two weeks ago, but The House Next Door’s summary here gets him right: funny, smart, universally liked. As a regular listener to the Bombcast and Giant Bomb in general, he will be greatly missed.