The Dissolve

I admittedly was a bit skeptical when I first heard about The Dissolve. Between SlashFilm and The A.V. Club, did we really need another big film web site? And it’s from the team behind Pitchfork?

But then I dove in after its debut late last week and I’m very glad I did. The content itself is excellent, written by a lot of writers I have respect for: Keith Phipps, Scott Tobias, Matt Singer and many more. There’s something also of a happy medium ground The Dissolve is getting at in terms of its content posting frequency. There’s less constant updates a la A.V. or SlashFilm, but they make those posts count.

There’s something to be said for the site’s visual design as well. In contrast to the all white ultra modern and minimalist trend, The Dissolve is a bit mellow and old school that’s heavy on serifs and warm, off white colors. I’ve already added their features and reviews RSS feeds to my feed reader.