My multiplayer problem

Longtime video game journalist and designer Jeff Green, discussing his issues with more complex multiplayer games like DOTA 2:

The problem of course, was and still is the barrier to entry. If all the players in a particular game are skilled and experienced, then it just makes it that much harder for a new player to find his or her footing, to gain any experience or confidence. And there is little to no tolerance by a lot (but not all) experienced players to put up with noobs on the team. Especially in games where everyone takes it totally seriously and winning is everything.

Gaming has changed for me in two ways over the past few years. First, as work and other life commitments take more time, there’s just less time for gaming. And as part of that, I’ve got far less patience for complex or twitch based multiplayer. I want to have fun and relax, not get stressed out every time I start a match of Call of Duty.