‘Grand Theft Auto V’ actors talk Franklin, Michael, and crazy Trevor

Having had a few hours to play through the opening third of GTA V, it’s the acting and voices of the three lead protagonists that propel the story forward. That’s exactly why this extended talk with the three game actors really is interesting. Here’s Steven Ogg, a.k.a. Trevor, on his work in GTA:

This was not me sitting in my underwear in a booth watching some character that was like Trevor and saying my lines. No. That was me up there in my motion capture suit with the camera directly in my face and the light in my eyes. It’s a huge thing. It’s not just voice acting. You put three years of your life into something like this and you certainly, if nothing else, want the recognition of what you’ve done—it is an entire performance that has been “captured”—your body, your face, and your voice. It wasn’t just three years of talking into a microphone. It was three years of shooting a movie that was motion captured.