Kotaku’s game of the year: The Last of Us

Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton:

The Last of Us didn’t fall short. It accomplished precisely what its creators set out to accomplish. It was about love and companionship in the face of a world-turned-nightmare. It was about the horror of survival, and about the gnawing fear that accompanies scarcity. It was about loss and coping, about why we choose to continue living when all hope is lost. It will remain a noteworthy accomplishment for years to come, not because any one of its accomplishments was all that remarkable on its own, but because together they made it seem possible that blockbuster games this good might one day become regular—though never ordinary—occurrences.

Well said. The Last of Us was a AAA phenomenon who’s story still resonates with me months after its release. It was my favorite game of 2013, and I was glad to see Kotaku shared the same assessment. (Giant Bomb ranked it number one as well.)