Your 60-hour work week is not a badge of honour

Designer Jeff Archibald:

If you’re working 60 hours a week, something has broken down organizationally. You are doing two people’s jobs. You aren’t telling your boss you’re overworked (or maybe he/she doesn’t care). You are probably a pinch point, a bottleneck. You are far less productive. You are frantically swimming against the current, just trying to keep your head above water.

These signs? They are not the signs of a healthy business or work environment.

I admittedly had a period much earlier in my career where I started falling into the “macho crazy hours” trap. That productivity was measured in time and late nights in the office. But then you wake up; perhaps a launch doesn’t go according to schedule, or there’s a management shakeup in the office. You start realizing you haven’t seen your significant other much or hung out with friends like you use to. That’s when you realize having a healthy work environment with happy employees working sane hours (with rare exceptions from time to time, but the key word is exceptions) is critical to your well being.

Work hard and show pride in your work, but realize there’s a limit.