This is not a Titanfall review (yet)

Major props to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann for keeping the hype meter in check and not giving a final review of an entirely online-only game yet. And if there’s any commentary that stands out about one of the most anticipated games of this year, it’s this:

Titanfall doesn’t have time for that nonsense; it’s way too focused on being a great multiplayer shooter for people who already enjoy them. That leads to an interesting conundrum and a package that manages to be laser-focused on a specific type of gameplay, which can make it also feel a little too small. It all comes down to how much you already enjoy these games and how badly you want something that updates the Call of Duty formula in some new, exciting ways.

That’s a great summary. A significant evolution of the traditional first person shooter genre but it’s not necessarily going to convert the unconverted.