Do higher frame-rates always mean better gameplay?

If there’s one trusted source for hard-core analysis of game performance, it’s Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry unit. This post breaks down the pros and cons of locked 30 frames per second versus an unlocked, variable frame rate. If that sounds technical, it is, but writer John Linneman does a solid job of introducing the basics:

So the question is, should console titles be allowed to operate at their absolute fastest? Or should performance be capped in order to enforce the kind of consistency that [Driveclub producer] Paul Rustchynsky talks about?

The short response is that there is no definitive answer. Different games target different experiences with different priorities, and gamers themselves have their own personal opinions on what works best. However, by looking at key titles, we can build up a picture of what works for us, which perhaps puts some of our tech analysis pieces on specific games into context.