Xbox One review update: six months later

Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton:

Six months in, the Xbox One still raises as many questions as it answers. What is Microsoft’s vision for this thing? Is it about the cloud, or online gaming, or is it about Kinect? Is it for watching TV, or as the company’s more recent messaging seems to suggest, is it now all about gamers and games?

It’s only natural that some unanswered questions remain, of course—no game console achieves its every goal in the first six months. All the same, Microsoft has yet to put forth a coherent vision for the Xbox One, nor have they clearly articulated why it’s worth spending hundreds of dollars to own one.

As I wrote about back in 2013 before the Xbox One and PS4 were released, vision was the biggest concern I had about Microsoft’s offering. This piece was written slightly before E3, where Microsoft standing by keeping its focus squarely on games. But many questions remain unanswered.