Inside the mirrortocracy

Facebook engineer Carlos Bueno, writing a post already heavily passed around tech circles about the Valley/startup insular culture:

The pro­blem is that Silicon Val­ley has gone com­plete­ly to the other ex­treme. We’ve created a make-believe cult of ob­jec­tive meritoc­ra­cy, a pseudo-scientific myt­hos to ob­scure and re­in­force the be­lief that only peo­ple who look and talk like us are worth notic­ing. After mak­ing such a show of burn­ing down the bad old rules of busi­ness, the new ones we’ve created seem pre­tty similar.

It’s been over a month since this was published, but Carlos’ post struck a cord with me and is worth revisiting. I suspect it’s going to be one of those posts that I revisit from time to time long from now, especially as I reach more positions to hire and shape the culture of a company.