Nearly a year in, is anyone winning the current generation console war?

Ars Technica’s Kyle Orland writes on the state of the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U now that we’ve seen some system updates, lots of game releases and had some long term impressions. As he concludes:

The choice between the Xbox One and PS4 remains an especially tough one. Microsoft has the edge in big-name exclusives, and it no longer costs 25 percent more than the competition. Sony has enough interesting indie titles to stand out itself, and its console boasts the best technical performance on a number of cross-platform games. You can make a good case for either system over the other on those differences. But if you’re going to choose, all we can really recommend is that you take a look at which of those exclusive games, including those coming in the future, best appeals to your tastes.

I’ll likely touch on this subject as part of my retrospective of owning the PS4 in an upcoming post.