Fighting to make games worse

GamerGate stories have significantly died down in recent weeks, but it’s worth revisiting the topic with tech writer Watts Martin on why the movement is so troubling:

GamerGate’s proponents believe they’re somehow saving video games, as if one too many positive mentions of Depression Quest will cause the next Call of Duty game to spontaneously transform itself into a My Little Pony MMO. This is roughly akin to believing that Michael Bay will start making Jane Austen adaptations instead of three-hour Dolby Atmos test reels if his Rotten Tomatoes average drops another five points.

The real risk to gaming isn’t that GamerGate will fail, but that it won’t fail. No matter what happens, the gaming world will stay safe for the next Grand Theft Auto installment, and it will be as thrilling and wild and morally questionable as ever. But it might not be so safe for the next Gone Home or Revolution 60. Maybe not even for the next Journey or Braid or Papers Please.